Woah this isn’t a club soccer board. It’s World Cup Qualifying.

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International soccer is a completely different style of game compared to club soccer. Tempo is slower in the international game, and there isn’t a whole lot of time to build an immense amount of chemistry during the internaional break. Nonetheless, WC qualifying is wild. A bit like March Madness.

12 games on today, and 11 of them run at the same time… Thank you UEFA.

Unfortunately there are multiple games today where a soccer-powerhouse goes up against a country that the common person couldn’t identify on a World Cup. No disrespect to the little guys at all. I love watching a smaller country go balls to the wall and give it their all for 90+ minutes even when they are down 3 goals. Some of these guys aren’t even full-time pro’s, so it’s a dream for them to get a chance to play someone like Ronaldo. Unfortunately for them in most cases these small countries get their doors blown off. All over a 6 country ML parlay including Belgium, France, Norway, Portugal, Czech Republic, and Russia at even money.

The only individual game I’m taking is Turkey v. The Netherlands. Call me a meatball soccer fan but I don’t bet against the Dutch Orange. Ride the Dutch ML at -140.

As crazy as this 12 game day sounds, tomorrow is going to be even wilder once we add Team USA to the mix. Until tomorrow, kick it easy.