Manchester City striker Sergio Aguero announced yesterday that he will be leaving the club after 10 years. In a city dominated by soccer history draped red, Aguero gave Manchester residents who bled blue a sense of hope and multiple reasons to celebrate. Truly an EPL icon.

He’s not going to retire which is awesome. I need me some Sergio Aguero in my young life. He’s a go-to-goal guy. Like a point guard who can get a bucket in crunch time. He’s like the Chris Paul of the soccer world. Older, but still with plenty in the tank and trying to find the right new fit. Not too much speculation yet on where the Argentine could end up next season, but here is where I would want to see him go.

Serie A

Maybe I have a jaded mindset about Argentine goal scorers leaving Manchester to head to Italy (shout-out Carlos Tevez), but seeing him at a team like Napoli or Roma would be interesting. A reunion with Dzeko at Roma would wreak havoc over Italian defenses.


The MLS fanatic in me is praying that Sergio is sick of the European media and wants to come to America to dominate and be praised by a city. The Man City/NYCFC connection is unavoidable. If he were to come to America it’d most likely be with NYCFC, but Inter Miami would be in the mix as well. Pretty low percentage change he’ll cross the pond next season. I expect to see him in the MLS at some point in his career.


Back to where it all began back in ‘97. That’s before I was even born. You can take the kid out of Independiente, but you can’t take the Independiente out of the kid (32 year old man now). I think this move is inevitable at some point, but a return to Argentina is more likely to happen later in Aguero’s career. He still has some European level legs left in the tank to delay his Argentina return for a few more years.

Wherever Messi Goes (Barca)

This is the favorite next stop for Aguero. It’s no secret that he and Messi and are super close. They are both godfathers to each other’s kids, so a soccer reunion between these two at the club level would be a great for the whole soccer family. These two together would be a nightmare for defenses. This location will 99.9% end up being being Barcelona, and I think this is where he ends up going. Most likely would be a 1-2 year deal, and what an electric two years it could be.


Maybe he just takes the bag and goes to Japan like Iniesta. Just a wild card contender that could be in the mix. .001% chance this happens but who knows.

Regardless of where Aguero goes, I hope his passion and creativity comes to the forefront like it did at City.