Never been a big fan of action movies, not because I don’t like them… just due to the fact that they’re never that good IMO.

You may be asking yourself, “YB, are you a dumb individual?” My answer to that, will always be, not quite sure. However, let me tell you what makes a great action movie in 3 Easy Steps.

#1 – You can watch it while making dinner, having an easy chat with the roommate, girl, etc whatnot

#2 – It makes the perfect 6 pack and a bowl type movie.

#3 – You can watch it with your buddy, roommate, SO, or by yourself and still enjoy.

What’s the point of this blog you may ask? Let me be absolutely clear. Godzilla vs Kong is not only my top movie of 2021, but it’s a Top 3 Action movie of all time.

But what really hits it tonight, is with the sport info I got here (Bookie Basement). I only get to watch these movies sparingly, for example..

I got my boy Locks, keeping me more up to speed than Schefter in the NFL for what he’s doing for not only the tourney but all year in NCAAB.

Got my boy Barney on everything and anything MLS / USMNT / EPL

Fields up god how knows many units in golf.

Hammer telling you all your sporting needs for every sport on a true day to day basis.

Mookie n Bro Cards making ya money/smart investments on the daily.

And Ross, n Harry doing what they do best for all your UFC needs.

Point of the matter is, this started off as a Godzilla v Kong blog but as my thoughts and keystrokes moved along – it really is that I appreciate this team of folks I get to correspond with on a daily basis and the pleasure of writing Godzilla v Kong blogs, and sort of wrapping it up in regards to what a good team of folks this is.

All together we are the smartest guys in the basement when it comes to sports gambling. Let’s Eat.

Night folks, and go watch the movie when we got no sports on.