I want to preface this piece by stating that I, am in fact, a huge advocate of the England team.

The England National Team = Savages

UEFA World Cup Qualifying has come to a temporary halt as players make their way from country to club, and my main wonder is about England. I know they had little scare against Poland but that’s all it was so that isn’t important, but there are still questions that have to be asked about this Three Lions bunch. Are they legit, or is it just smoke & mirrors?

For those asking what “legit” means when describing England; it means are they steady enough to win the Euro’s and the World Cup? The bookies have them as the 2nd favorite to win the Euro’s at +450, and are +1000 to win the 2022 World Cup which is the 5th best odds. Many people are high on this team, and why shouldn’t they be?

Historically speaking England have always been a world power but this team is different. It’s the deepest squad they’ve the last 20 years (sorry Beckham and Rooney lovers). This golden generation of English talent has cemented themselves as gamechangers at the club level, and now it’s time for them to capitalize on this window. The depth in the midfield alone is enough to laugh at with abundance, but the entire squad is a tough selection. Besides Harry Kane and one or two others, I think you could make a debate for any of the lads on the roster getting a spot in the lineup.

Ok so we have established that this team is deep and talented, but I’m hesitant because England is gonna England. And by that I mean they crumble mentally at the drop of the hat, and have since the Revolutionary War. They are my pick to win the 2022 World Cup, but with some injury concerns to Jack Grealish and Trent Alexander-Arnold, I think they maybe valued too highly in the Euros’s this summer at +450.

England are a beautiful conundrum. The beautiful estate with some cracks in the foundation. I’m expecting them to go far in the Euro’s but not win it. And I think the 2022 World Cup is theirs. This is the team to watch for the next 2 years.