Best time of the month. DJ, play that funky music.

Leg 1 of the quarterfinals is kicks off today at 3. It’s an incredible draw that was selected. Today we start with Real Madrid v. Liverpool and Dortmund v. Manchester City.

The most interesting game from my perspective is Real Madrid v. Liverpool. Real Madrid are without their captain Sergio Ramos, who seems to play his best soccer when the lights are the brightest so this is a huge loss for Real. Liverpool as we all know was banned from my Big Board after constantly letting me down, but are they worth taking today as favorites at +135? Unfortunately no. Gonna take the juice of a draw at +235 cause I still don’t trust Liverpool even though they have been a different side in Champions League play this year. Both squads don’t have their star centerbacks, so the over of 2.5 goals at -120 is a safe play.

Are we watching Erling Haaland play in his future home arena today ? Earlier in the week Pep Guardiola said City couldn’t afford Haaland, but I bet City ownership could easily make it happen. They probably have the money lying around in their backup yacht cupholder

Even though the Champions League is a different beast and crazy shit happens, it doesn’t hide the fact that Cit’s are a wagon, and Dortmund are on a tailspin. Riding the City wagon of -1.5 at -110. Haaland can’t do it all for Dortmund.

Great day of footy ahead, and an even better one is coming tomorrow. Enjoy the Tuesday and as always, kick it easy.