*Prefacing this blog by complaining to my parents for giving away all my cards to my young neighbors right before the card market became popular. Those kids are probably sitting on $50k worth of cards. Looks like I’ll have to babysit them and take back the “cards they don’t want”.

In one way or another we have all been in the card game. Whether you still have binders loaded to brim with cards, or the only card you have is your own player card from Tee Ball in 2003, the majority of us have had an love affair with cards. Now cards are back. They are hot in the streets, and for a while, I dismissed it like a fool.

I, like many others at first, thought it was just a Covid driven fad that would die out. We all know now that the haters hypothesis was wrong. Cards are not just a fad. It’s a hobby and industry that is here to stick around, but it’s not too late to get pulled back in.

I bought two soccer cards over the weekend for $30. It’s a small investment for two players I enjoy watching and think will be superstars for the next 10+ years. It’s a baby step into the card market, and I think that’s the best way to get involved if you’re interested. Buy a couple cards of players you like, or think have a promising future ahead, and hold onto them for a bit. Check their value from time-to-time, but don’t be in a rush to flip cards right away if you don’t want to.

Phil Foden card I bought. Kid is so filthy.
Excuse my shoes in the background but Serginio Dest is my favorite American player right now. Had to get it when I saw it.

By no means am I telling you to empty your checking account and camp outside a Target for card deliveries, but I am encouraging to buy one card. Just one. Get pulled back into the card game.