A new season for MLS kicks off in a little over a week, and a new season brings new jerseys. All 27 teams have added a new jersey (primary or secondary) for the 2021 season which is great for jersey lovers like myself. Let’s see who showed out and who laid eggs in these new jerseys.

Dishonorable Mention

It’s really hard to mess up soccer jerseys. There’s just not a while lot of real estate on the jersey to completely butcher it. But sometimes accidents still happen. Out of the 27 new jerseys (primary and secondary), there were two that utterly pained my pupils. Those two jerseys belong to the primary kits of FC Cincinnati and Orlando City.

mls 1-min.jpg
Purple is a tough color to start off with, and once you start mixing it various shades of purple it just gets sloppy and tough to look at. Stick to one shade of purple and mix in gold/white trim
mls 6-min.jpg
The navy with just the orange stripes would be a better look, but it’s just not a symbiotic jersey. Orange and blue isn’t the worst color scheme to have, so it’s a shame this kit fell short.

25. New England Revolution

I mean just no rhyme or reason here for me. It looks like a practice jersey. Their retros they dropped are flames though.

24. Houston Dynamo

Too. Much. Orange

23. San Jose Earthquakes

These are sharp looking don’t get me wrong. I just think San Jose looks best in black.


These aren’t bad jerseys by any means It’a about time NYCFC just embraced being Man City New York edition.

21. Colorado Rapids

The concept behind these K5 kits is sweet. Unfortunately the jersey is the same as their normal ones, this time it’s just green and white.

20. Atlanta United

Clean and simple from Atlanta. Nothing fancy about it, but it gets the job done.

19. Toronto FC

Fine jerseys. Just a little eh.

18. Nashville SC

Similar to Toronto in the fact that it’s a clean and simple jersey. Nothing special but it gets the job done.

17. RSL

Definitely an upgrade from the old RSL uni’s, and the background is a nice ode to Utah. Solid B+ kit

16. Chicago Fire

Anything is better than the old Chicago Fire kits so this is a step in the right direction.

15. New York Red Bulls

The checkerboard is a nice look compared to the plain white. Solid upgrade from NYRB.

14. Austin FC

These are cool but I wanted more out of Austin. I got my hopes up too high, and that’s on me. I shouldn’t take it out on Austin, but I am a bit.

13. D.C. United

I love DC starting to mix in the red, white, and blue more. Their kits have always been clean, but all DC teams should be red white and blue. That’s how my meatball brain thinks.

12. Inter Miami

I’m really torn on this jersey. It’s a great jersey. The pink accents with the black is gas, but I just expected more out of Miami. More pink would’ve been a good addition.

11. CF Montreal

I was in favor of the club change in name and badge, and they’ve hit another home run with the jersey. The snowflakes in the background are fire. The sponsor logo fits in perfectly. Beautiful job by Montreal.

10. LA Galaxy

Incredible change-up from the traditional white kit. Also a nice ode to the OG Galaxy days.

9. Portland Timbers

This is so Portland. The Robin Hood stitches on the front is dope and the various shades of green works well unlike Orlando’s purple.

8. FC Dallas

These might not look like a top 10 pick on tv, but in person these are great. Anytime light blue can be thrown in the mix it’s a no-brainer. The little specs of red add a unique look that I’ve never seen before.

7. Minnesota United

Minnys first all-blue kit. So clean.

6. Columbus Crew

Black & Yellow is an all-time combo, but it can be straining on the eyes. Mixing in the grey with the black/yellow trim makes a great jersey outcome for the Crew.

5. Vancouver White Caps

We’ve seen this style before in other sports like with the Astros. This style is gas.


These don’t pop out at first glance, but they are going to look awesome once LAFC plays in these. It’s a light gold that is subtle enough to the black pop. These will be a huge hit once the season kicks off.

3. Sporting Kansas City

I’m a sucker for Carolina blue, and the three stripes below just adds to the viewing pleasure.

2. Seattle Sounders

The Hendrix Kit. It was really tough for me to not put this in the top spot. Incredible collab between tunes and footy.

1. Philadelphia Union

The cream of the crop. The top dog. This might be the best jersey of all time. I’m talking in all of sports. It’s a first ballot hall of fame jersey.