Don’t look now but last week was just the start of the 2021 PFL season and our coverage thereof. We are bach this week talking to the welterweights and light heavyweights ahead of PFL 2 Thursday night on ESPN 2.

Without further ado, enjoy some sweet sweet fight content and conversations with:

Light Heavyweight Contender Jordan Young

Former PFL Welterweight Champion Ray Cooper

Former PFL Light Heavyweight Champion Emiliano Sordi

Welterweight Contender Curtis Millender

And of course, The Red King himself, Welterweight Contender Rory MacDonald

For anyone saying I am trying to artificially pump the prices of my Curtis Millender cards, I am deeply and truly offended at the insinuation and I hope after some self reflection you can find a new slant. As Curtis so kindly pointed out, there has never been a better time to invest in him and you know I wouldn’t give you bad financial advice because of my religion.

Be sure to tune in to PFL 2 Thursday night and the post fight presser on ESPN+ to make sure we get answers to the important questions.