MDW. Beers. Fried Food. More beers. Regretful late night text messages. Unauthorized DM slides. Too many swipes on the credit card. Not enough matching swipes on dating apps. Hungover? Scared? Rainy? Recovering for a bit until you send it out again? Need a laugh? Binge these videos from the funniest motherfuckers on the internet. Enjoy.

Gilly & Keeves

Shane Gillis, the infamous comedian that got hired and fired by SNL in less than a 24 hour span, has been HOT in the streets lately for the sketch comedy videos he is producing with his friend, John McKeever. Honestly, it might have been a blessing Gillis got fired from SNL because these sketches are infinitely funnier than anything that-dying-late-night-sell-out-crap-show has put out in years. Gilly & Keeves has gotten praise from all corners of the internet, including a shoutout from Joe Rogan, on how funny these sketches have been. They simply haven’t missed yet. Personally, I think the coolest part is that these videos are being produced by Shane and John’s group of friends. No corporate bullshit, just dudes (and chicks) coming together and being hysterical. Go peep their YouTube and laugh your ass off. I dropped my favorite two sketches from them below, but all of them are bangers.

Please Don’t Destroy

Please Don’t Destroy is a sketch comedy group from New York made up of Ben Marshall, Martin Herlihy, and John Higgins. The young comics are posting their sketches and seeing a TON of traction on Twitter and Instagram. All their sketches are short, extremely creative, and really outside the normal realm of thought. These guys must do a lot of psychedelics but it seems like it’s paying off because every single thing they put out makes me cry of laughter. They started getting huge over quarantine and do live shows in NYC, I definitely want to get out to one this summer. I dropped a few of their sketches below. Enjoy, and laugh off your scaries.

Mookie Bets