It’s that time of the week again, with PFL 4 rapidly approaching on Thursday it is my duty as a connoisseur of violence to bring you all up to speed. We have an absolutely STACKED weekend of violence and PFL 4 is the perfect appetizer for a hell of a weekend.

Let’s start with some good ole fashion Big J Journalism. I was lucky enough to get some time with:

PFL Lightweight Champion Natan Schulte

PFL Featherweight Contender Tyler Diamond

PFL Lightweight Contender “Cassius” Clay Collard

PFL Featherweight Contender Bubba Jenkins

And PFL Featherweight Contender Brendan Loughnane

A huge thanks to everyone for their time and you can soak up the very important and valuable information all of these killers were kind enough to provide right here.

The audio gets better as the video goes I assure you. Also, if you disagree that Tyler has the best mullet in MMA I have a really good optometrist I can recommend you, just DM me.

Now for some early gambling spots I like. Unfortunately the secret seems to be out on Bubba Jenkins being a damn good fighter after a convincing 30-27 Decision over reigning champion Lance Palmer. Bubba is currently hanging around -300 against PFL newcomer Bobby Moffett but I’m hoping for + money on a finish seeing as a decision win alone doesn’t clinch a spot in the playoffs for Da Bad Mon.

My early guess on fight of the night would have to be Marcin Held (-145) and the long awaited return of the Canadian Ganster Olivier Aubin-Mercier (+115). Now, Held looked like he leveled up considerably in his impressive win over Natan Schulte at PFL 1. He showed hands that we really hadn’t ever seen before from the super accomplished jiu jitsu practitioner and handedly beat the reigning champ. HOWEVA, OAM, despite not having fought since 2019 and dropping 3 straight before his UFC departure will have both youth, freshness, and still will hold a theoretical advantage in the striking. I’m gonna keep my eye on the line before fight day but this is gonna be a very intriguing fight and for right now she’s screaming dog or pass at me.

Maybe the biggest story of the night that has nothing to do with the playoffs or the regular season, #1 P4P boxer Claressa Shields(-305) makes her long awaited MMA debut against PFL vet and BJJ brown belt Brittney Elkin (+225). The line on Elkin is dropping like an absolute rock right now and I’ll be honest it’s tempting me for sure. If this fight stays on the feet Brittney is going to have a tough time but if she gets it to the ground she should have a significant advantage there. Personally, there are far too many unknowns for me to entertain betting on a boxer making her MMA debut against a legit BJJ practitioner and the more I think about it the more I am slowly talking myself into a little sprinkle on that Elkin line before it tightens up even more.

And with that pals, you are ready for PFL 4. Keep your eyes peeled for some more coverage this week and I’ll post the full slate in the same place I post complaints about Tito Ortiz and also the occasional old man who owns a golf store.