What an opener by Italy. Blowing the doors off of the Turks was impressive as hell.

Not to brag, but we went 2-1 yesterday. 1H draw at +110 hit, an Italy live bet at -125 hit, but Turkey +1 did not hit. Up 1.1 units after one day? Is that good ?

Giddy up for a full day of footy that kicks off at 9 am with Wales/Switzerland. Taking the 1H draw in that game at -110.

Denmark are massive favorites against Finland, who know one believes in, so we are going to put them in a money line parlay with Belgium at +140.

I don’t know how this line exists, but Belgium ML is only -130 against Russia… Am I being punked? I think I’m being punked. Maybe it’s a trap line, but Belgium being -130 against anyone besides France and England is a nice line, so getting it against Russia is a gift. Take the gift.

More action coming tomorrow. Enjoy the weekend, and as always, kick it easy lads.