Yesterday was the craziest day of soccer I’ve ever seen, and not for the right reasons. Watching the Eriksen collapse line scary as hell, but I am glad he’s alright now.

Yesterday was a 2-1 day thanks to a 1H draw in Wales/Switzerland (+110) and Belgium ml (-130). Can’t blame the Danes for losing. Anyone who bet on the Danes should be refunded based on principle. Up 2.2 units heading into Day 3. Big day of action Sunday.

As per tradition, we are taking a 1H in the 9am game, and this game happens to be a good one in England v. Croatia (+110). This is a rematch of the 2018 World Cup semis, where Croatia won, but this year England are the heavy favorites. May wait and throw a live bet on England, but for now I’ll stay with the 1H draw.

North Macedonia are a feel-good story in their first ever major tournament, but I think they are gonna get exposed in most matches. They’ll put up good fights, but they just don’t have the talent to compete. Give me Austria in the noon game at -140 all day.

Upset of the day is in the 3 o’clock between the Netherlands and Ukraine. Netherlands are phony. Give me the Ukrainians ml at +575!

More action coming tomorrow. As always kick it easy.