For the 15 or so of people who actually read these, I apologize sincerely for not having a board yesterday. I wrote one, but I must’ve take a pre match snooze and forgot to post it. Here it is though

I went 0-3 anyway, and even though I didn’t post it, I had to show the world that I’m a man of integrity when it comes to gambling. Remember, character is what you do when no one is watching… so now I’m down 8 units, but I’m still here giving out picks. Can’t give up now. Monday’s are tough all around, but we are still here at the dance !

Gotta dance with the one that you brought, and I brought a money line parlay ! Give me the favorites France and Spain on the money line today at +150.

Spain might’ve found their groove and get a favorable match against Croatia. France get Switzerland in a game they should handle easily.

I’m ice cold in these KO rounds, but things change. Let’s be that change today fellas. Kick it easy and enjoy the week.