I’m not talking about the Knockout Round anymore. It’s ancient history to me. It was very unkind history, but it’s history nonetheless. Big games this weekend, so buckle up.

I love the run the Swiss have made, but it ends today against Spain. Too much emotion to come back and win again for the Swiss. Taking Spain ML full-time at -160, Spain 1H ML at +125, and Spain TT over 1.5 at -125. Essentially we are all Spanish today.

Game of the day, and for my future plays, the game of the tournament kicks off at 3 between the Italians and the Belgium’s. Pasta v. Waffles. Belgium are battling some injuries with Hazard and KDB although they should get some playing time today. Regardless of whether they play or not, I am all over Italy. They have been on a heater and I’m not getting off the bandwagon now. Italy +125 in regulation time.

Games on tomorrow as well. Let’s get hot this weekend fellas. Happy 4th, and kick it easy.