Afternoon folks,

Part two of the Big 12, including final predictions on conference standings/champion is coming up shortly, however, I felt it necessary to drop this Blog in the meantime.  Lets go for a quick walk down memory lane.

We all know that dealing with different Sportsbooks, you’ll have different experiences with each one, whether it be positive or negative.  On this particular occasion, much like in the past – I want to talk about my experience last night and solutions moving forward.

It all started when I was finishing up work last night and knew Game 1 of the NBA finals were coming up, so I decided to put some action in.  I’m not going to put the dollar amount I chose to do because this is about principle, not dollars.  I looked up on my William Hill app and saw the below under their Odds Boost section.

I thought the Suns would be rocking and ready to go, and Giannis was still “Questionable” at the time, so naturally I took it.  The second I placed my bet in, I scrolled over to see what other props were available, which brought me to the “Specials” section where I saw this prop :

More than DOUBLE what their “Odds Boost” was showing, so immediately I called WH to get my bet cancelled and/or transferred over as I didn’t quite understand the logic with the thinking that “Odds Boost” would be the best odds available for the game, when to my surprise, it was doubled on a page over, rather than being promoted on the front page like the initial bet I took.  Well, like I said, I called immediately and was on hold for some time before someone answered :

After minute 20 had passed, I hopped on Live Chat as well and with 0 people in queue – I was still waiting for a rep 8 minutes later :

Needless to say, neither option appeared to be working until, to my surprise, the phone answered!  I had a live rep on the phone.  I explained to him my situation, and he asked to place me on hold while he talked to his “traders” to confirm if the bet could be cancelled.  I checked the site and still saw the +1400 prior to being placed on Hold.  The rep returned after about a minute and let me know the bet had been cancelled and money back in my account, good news right!?!  Think again.  While I still had the rep on the phone, I checked my account to confirm the money had been placed back in, and it was.  Then, I went to go put in the +1400 with the rep still on the phone with me, to only be surprised to see that same bet that was listed at +1400 had now dropped to +700….. I asked the rep what happened as I just checked and it was showing +1400 and I got (almost verbatim) “Uhhh, sir I can’t hear you… sir are you still there….? Sorry sir, if you can hear me I can’t hear you I’m going to disconnect now.” Prior to this from the rep, we had a perfectly good connection and were talking fine throughout, something must’ve happened after I inquired about the odds cutting in half, huh?

Overall, a very frustrating experience.  I’ve used WH for a long time and have had scenarios similar to this in the past but wanted to share this particular one.  That being said, I do have a solution to this crisis of these larger books not giving the consumer great customer service, treating them like a number rather than a person, or having skewed values on their pages.  That solution, is BetFred Sports.  Each time I’ve called them, not only have the people been professional, kind, and courteous.  Their site works seamlessly, they work with customers over disputes, actually have conversations to talk about the process and how things work, just to make sure the customer is informed while making their bets.  I highly suggest everyone to follow them on Twitter and if you live in a state where BetFred is offered, I would HIGHLY suggest giving them a chance compared to the big books we’re all used to.

As always, lets have a day folks and win some money. 

Lets. Eat. – YB