Hello again friends. Ross has betrayed me once again so you’re stuck with me this week. More accurately, his WiFi betrayed me but I digress, that’s another story for another day. None of that matters though because today we are joined by the One Eyed Dragon himself, Dre Miley.

Dre (8-4, 6 finishes) fights John Sweeney in a bantamweight bout next Friday at XMMA2 in Greensville, South Carolina that is absolutely sure to produce some fireworks and can be viewed live on xmma.com. Now, you might be thinking “Hey Harry, The One Eyed Dragon is pretty peculiar nickname for a fighter” and you’d be correct! However, Dre is no ordinary fighter, and as you’ll hear him discuss below he lost his eye as a teenager but has not let that stop him from trying to accomplish his dream of reaching MMA’s highest summit.

In our interview below, we talk about how Dre lost his eye and how that eventually led him to MMA, his early struggles with the Tennessee Athletic Commission, training at KMMA in Knoxville, and of course, some Ghost of Tsushima and other general gaming talk.

Now, I think that’s enough from me, but I highly suggest giving this one a watch, Dre has an awesome story, an awesome attitude, and was super generous with his time and for that I am very grateful. Make sure you give Dre a follow on twitter and instagram and that you also follow the Basement on both platforms as well. You should actually even follow me too. I promise I am not as stupid as my posts would lead you to believe.

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Thank you again to Dre for joining me and we’ll be rooting unhealthily hard for him next Friday. Ross and I have some BIG stuff come down pipeline folks, and I appreciate everyone single one of you for supporting us enough to get to this point.

Jah Bless