Big news out of the Big 12 today with reports coming out that Oklahoma and Texas are leaving the Big 12 per @ChipBrown247.  What does this mean for the Big 12, the remaining teams, and college football as a whole?  Let’s discuss.

OU and Texas are founding members of the Big 12 and are now leaving for the SEC – lets start what this means for the Big 12.  With Colorado and Nebraska leaving a few years back, this brings the Big 12 now BACK down to 8 teams for all you old school folks out there, will we be seeing the reincarnated Big 8 from years past?  I don’t think so.  I think we’re in for something dramatically changing the landscape of college football as we see it. 

I’ve seen rumblings around Twitter that we might move from the Power 5 conferences (Big 12, Big 10, SEC, ACC, & Pac 12) to 4 major conferences of 16 teams a piece.  Currently the conferences have as many teams as noted below :

Big 12 : Now 8 (with Texas/OU leaving)

SEC : 16 (including Texas/OU)

Big 10 : 14

ACC : 14

Pac 12 : 12

So we have 8 teams left in the Big 12 now.  Where do we think they’ll go if the Big 12 dissolves?  Here’s my off the cuff prediction :

Iowa State – Big Ten

TCU – Pac 12

Texas Tech – Pac 12

Kansas – Pac 12

Kansas State – Pac 12



Baylor – Pac 12

Here’s what the new conference team count would like if this world.

SEC : 16 (including Texas/OU)

Big 10 : 15

ACC : 16

Pac 12 : 16

And that leaves Big 10 with 15 and joining the Big 10 with this alignment would be Notre Dame, finally bringing them into a conference to play rather than the Independent bullshit they pull every year.  I know folks will say that “NoTrE dAmE pLaYeD iN tHe AcC lAsT yEaR” well, the money isn’t in ACC football, it’s in the Big 10. 

When will this change take place?  That’s what I’ll be updating the blog with as updates come through but as of right now they can either buy-out their Big 12 contract or wait until 2025 when the contract expires.  I’ve seen reports on both thus far.  Honestly, I don’t think it happens this college football year, due to tickets already being sold, schedules solidified, media days going on, etc. but this is why I love College Football.  I mean, this news was just reports that they were “talking” about leaving for the SEC and now two days later it’s official.  Love it.

Lastly, I’ll leave you all with this.  What is OU and Texas thinking?  OU has this conference in the palm of their hands and dominate year in, year out.  They will get destroyed with their type of play in the SEC.  You think Texas is back?  Well if they were making strides to get there, they just took a big 5 steps back.  This is not going to get them recruits, not going to increase the revenue they have already, and will definitely not help the football team from a scheduling standpoint.  Just wild and crazy stuff.  Long live college football.  Let’s Eat.