Hello again friends, it’s that time of the week once again and boy do we have something special for you. Fresh off an absolutely filthy 2nd round TKO of Randy Costa at UFC Fight Night (see below), friend of the program and recurring guest Adrian Yanez joins myself and Ross to chat about:

Working with Bruce Buffer who is now by law our colleague

His current UFC run from contender series stand out to main card fan favorite

A very cool technical breakdown of the fight and finish

The unorthodox build up and promotion of the fight and the role social media played

Adrian’s teammate Jacob Silva going full Pride Never Die at Fury FC (highlights in video)

Friend of the Progrum Raufeon Stots and his upcoming Bellator bout with Magomed Magomedov

And more!

Before I go any further, I know I promised that TKO:

I mean goodness gracious. I have watched that finish no less than 50 times in the last 2 weeks, and I will probably watch it 50 more at any random time I want a smile and a warm fuzzy feeling.

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the only thing Ross and I are professionals at is making dumb faces

As always, a huge thanks to Adrian for his time and for generally being one of the nicest guys I have ever interacted with. I also don’t just mean in fighting, I mean generally in life. It’s super refreshing to talk to a guy like Adrian in a sport that can sometimes feel like it is trying to drown you with bad shtick. If you also enjoy hearing Adrian talk, as you should, you can find our first interview with him right here