Going to keep this short and sweet. Guacamole = horrid, plain and simple. The conversation came up in the Bookie’s Basement group chat today when someone brought up the fact that their meal was ruined due to having Guac accidentally placed in their bowl causing them to throw out half. More power to this person, it’s time to stand up against the Guac folks across America. If you wanted to serve me green baby shit for my Taco bowls, chips, etc. then go right ahead because I wouldn’t know the difference when it comes to Guac.

To top it off, people put Onions and Cilantro in their Guac? Show some god damn respect for other vegetables man, they didn’t ask for this. I’m a staunch advocate for removing Guac off every menu in America to help save this country. When did this happen? When did Guac become so popular? Many people are saying that the greedy Avocado farmers of California targeted Super Bowl ads in the 90’s. Well, guess what, you’re not going to brainwash me Big Guac. #TeamNoGuac

Let’s eat. (except fucking Avocados)