Before we jump into Week 2 of the NFL and you read my first ever blog. Let’s get to know each other first: 

Me: Blogger Bannon, You: Reader. *Shaking hands emoji*

I am a long time suffering New York Jets fan who recently moved to the Philly area for that cubicle life. Only the real ones start blogging once they get into the cube. (I blog on the weekends, just in case the boss man is reading this) One could call me a Zach Wilson fan, aspiring scratch golfer, and an NFL content consumer. Now I guess you can call me Blogger Bannon.

Alrighty that’s enough about me let’s get into some Week 2.

Week 2 NFL Preview and Picks

Giants at Football Team 

Both teams are coming off tough Week 1 showings. Gmen’s O-Line looked awful and couldn’t get Saquan rolling against Teddy 2 Gloves and the Broncos. Small hands Danny Dimes did not throw an interception which is shocking but that fumble in the 3rd was a heartbreaker for my mother. (Huge Giants fan). At least the Giants still have their starting QB. Fitzpatrick’s magic ran out in the 2nd Quarter when he landed on his hip after a tough tackle. However, the W.F.T is in good hands #allstate. Taylor Heinicke is a capable QB. He aint winning 12 games this year but he will play well enough to beat bad teams. The Giants are a bad football team. 

Picks: WFT -3.5 & Heinicke’s OVER 22.5 Rushing Yards 

Patriots at Jets

Again, both teams are coming off tough Week 1 outings. Damien Harris fumbled away a Pats win, and the Jets O-Line is just not good. Even though I am a very big Jets fan I will remain unbiased in this write up. Jets will not win this game…But do they cover the 5.5 point spread? Sadly, no. Coach Belichick will confuse the living shit out of Zach Wilson with defensive schemes and make the Jets O-Line look like a high school team. But you know what – that is totally fine because Wall St. Wilson is a rookie and needs to learn. Not great that Becton dislocated his knee but Morgan Moses will step in and hopefully hold down Judon and the Pats D enough so Wilson can get some time to show off his arm talent which is very very good. Run CMC ran circles around the Jets D in Week 1 on the ground and through the air. Damien Harris fumbled to lose the game which means next man up. Wally Pipp, IYKYK. Big game for James White.

Picks: James White receiving yards OVER, Pats -5.5

49ers at Eagles

The Eagles are for real. Jalen Hurts is a good QB and DeVonta Smith might be a top 5 route runner in the league. Coming off a big win vs the Falcons, Hurts and Smith look to continue that in their home opener. 49ers almost blew a 4 TD lead to the Lions last week. That sentence should never be written again. The Lions are a bad football team and will have a top 5 pick in next year’s draft. Some news on the Twitter say Trey Sermon and Brandon Aiyuk missed curfew Saturday night and were benched in Week 1. Who knows if that was is true but I do have Aiyuk in 2 fantasy leagues and was not too happy about a starter netting 0 points. All good because he will bounce back this week and score his first td of the year. Spread is 3.5 and O/U is around 50. Very tough call here and I am leaning Eagles ML but cannot commit. SIKE, FLY EAGLES FLY!

Picks: Brandon Aiyuk anytime TD, Eagles ML

Chiefs at Ravens

As expected, the Chief’s offense is unfair like Mike Vick in Madden ’04. Down 10 no problem, “Hey Tyreek go deep” … 75 yards later and bang, Chiefs were back in the game. The Browns are a good football team, but the Chiefs were too much to handle. The Browns are better than the Ravens therefor the Chiefs will win this game and cover the -3.5 spread. Simple math. Little sprinkle on Chiefs ALT line -9.5. Could get some nice value there. Realistically, Patty Mahomes will throw for 350 yards and 4 TDs. Hill and Kelce will have 1 TD each but no value there. The value is in Mecole Hardman. 

Picks: Chiefs -3.5 -110

Chiefs -9.5 ALT +175

Mecole Hardman anytime TD 

Cowboys at Chargers

Sneaky game of the week. Points points points! Absolutely love the over and I haven’t seen the number yet. Dak’s ankle and shoulder are fine, and he may throw for 6k yards this year (Don’t forget there’s an extra game now) Chargers just beat a top 5 D with a dub over the W.F.T. Herbert is the real deal and if they can stay healthy, they might make the playoffs. There could be more than 70 points in this game. Taking road dawgs outright is uneducated but can’t pass it up. Boys ML. Also, Michael Gallup is out for 3-5 weeks therefore it is Cedrick Wilson SZN! POINTS POINTS POINTS!

Picks: Dak over 350 yards

Herbert over 350 yards

Cowboys ML and Over

Cedrick Wilson anytime TD


If you are still reading you are a good person, no ifs ands or buts about it. Quality human being. 

For picks we got:

WFT -3.5 

Heinicke OVER 20.5 Rushing Yards  

Justin Herbert ALT OVER 350 Yards 

Dak Prescott ALT OVER 350 Yards

Cowboys ML 

Cowboys/ Chargers OVER

Cedrick Wilson Anytime TD

Chiefs -2.5, 

Chiefs -9.5 ALT 

Mecole Hardman Anytime TD
Brandon Aiyuk Anytime TD

Eagles ML

James White receiving yards OVER

Patriots -5.5

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