Fresh off a monster knockout that took him only 38 seconds this past weekend at Bellator 266, Big Tuna Ben Parrish joins me for an awesome discussion about fighting, life, and everything in between. Unfortunately, Ross was again stopped in the second round by mother nature after she knocked him (and the electricity in his home) down for for a 3rd time. Next time he’ll be bach and that’s a promise.

Now, onto the man of the hour, Big Tuna Ben Parrish, and you’re goddamn right I’m gonna type out Big Tuna Ben Parrish every time. Too phenomenal of a nickname not to, show some respect. After a 4-0 start to his pro mixed martial arts career, Big Tuna Ben Parrish suffered a brutal leg break in his 5th pro fight that kept him on the shelf for a year and a half. After that this past saturday’s bout with Edwards was cancelled twice, once for an Edwards injury, and then because Ben got covid. Through all that adversity, Mr. Tuna dealt with the normal barrage of internet bile spewed at him by morons who don’t have 10% of the chutzpah it takes to get in the cage themselves. A lesser man, most men even, would probably have folded. But Big Tuna Ben Parrish is not most men! To come back from all that and punctuate it with a thunderous KO as a 6 to win underdog is frankly, pretty damn incredible in this idiot’s opinion!

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A huge thank you to Big Tuna Ben Parrish for his time and Matt Weibel at First Round Management for helping get this set up! Make sure you follow Ben on Twitter and Instagram and wherever else you get your content fix @BenBigTuna.