How about that start ladies and gentlemen! Starting off in the hole builds character. Only up from here. If I had a winning record during week 2 you, the reader, would be skeptical! 

Last Thursday night we trusted Heinicke and thought he was going to lead us to comfortable cover. Uhhh Whoops. Even though he hugged his mother on national television before taking the field, he rushed for 6 yards and WFT did not cover. smh. 0-2

Sadly, my take on the Jets Pats game was correct. Big learning game for Zach. He will bounce back. Pats covered the -5.5 spread and James White hit his over receiving yards prop. (The Jets are winning their first game this weekend). 2-0

I really thought the Eagles were going to somehow come up with the upset. Did I live bet the rent at halftime…maybe. I don’t know what Brandon Aiyuk did to Coach Shanahan, but it can’t be good. Aiyuk might be finally out of Kyle’s doghouse but he is still in mine. 0-2

As a football fan, the Chiefs Ravens game was unreal. Don’t think about the fact that I went 0-3 and just remember that it was a great game to watch. Also, Pringle and Robinson scoring a TD and not Mecole was a slap in the face. 

Ayyy Cowboys ML! Hitting an underdog feels great. Going 1-4 does not. Did not realize everyone and their mothers were on the over. That’s on me! 

I went 3-11 (Down about 8 Units) on Sunday. No excuses. We can only go up from here. “The way I see it, yesterday’s history, tomorrow’s a mystery” – Some random actor in the movie 21

Time to jump into Thursday Night Football. We got a real barn burner folks. The Panthers head to Houston to play the Texans and take on Davis Mills. Who?! The one time number 1 recruit out of high school did not look great when he came in for Tyrod. Sidebar, gotta feel for Tyrod – he was 10/11 with 2 TDs before he went down. On paper, Sam Darnold has looked great during the first two weeks. However, he played the Jets Week 1 and a Saints team with like 4 coaches on the sideline. 7.5 is a lot of points and this has to be the largest Sam Darnold has ever been favored in an NFL game. (I’d fact check it but too lazy) Vegas made the spread 7.5 to lure suckers into taking the points but not US! The Panthers are going to ride CMC until the wheels fall off and throw the ball deep to Robby Anderson. Time to get back those 8 units we lost last week!


Robby Anderson Anytime TD +180

Robby Anderson Over 70 Receiving yards +260

CMC Over 80 Rushing Yards -144

CMC Over 60 Receiving Yards +126

Darnold Over 300 Passing Yards +230

Panthers -7.5 -118

Parlay = +7988 

Taking them all individually for a unit but a little sprinkle on the parlay won’t hurt nobody. 

Tune in Sunday AM for a write up, picks, and some futures (requested by d00gs) 

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