Ladies and Gents…that is what we like to call a positive week. First of many! We went into Week 3 down about 8 units and lost another one during the Texans Panthers game on TNF. But we had a pretty solid Sunday thanks to a couple of anytime TDs from Trey Lance, Mecole Hardman, and Josh Allen. We have another barn burner tonight with the Bengals taking on TLaw and the Jags but before we get into TNF let’s review our Sunday picks and props. 

Josh Allen and the Bills put a hurting on the WFT. JA had a big day, as we expected, hitting his over passing yards and rushing for a TD in the 4th quarter. Even though Stefon Diggs fell short of his receiving yards, we were still up 1.7 units for this game. Thank you, Josh. 2-1

Well well well, the Chiefs lost 2 in a row huh? We did not see that one coming. But we did finally get to see Mecole Hardman cross the goal line in the 4thquarter. Thank you Mecole for the 1.8 units. Besides Mecole, we got everything else wrong though, can’t win ’em all. We went -1.2 units with a record of 1-3. No way the Chiefs lose 3 straight…right?

This one hurt the most. My new Strat of taking afternoon Fox games overs is 0-1. Chris Carson and Justin Jefferson both scored early TDs but couldn’t get a second. Pain. We went 1-3 again, shout out Jefferson for hitting his over receiving yards though. Good Man. -3 Units here. 

Sunday Night Football lived up to the hype last week. Too bad I fell asleep at halftime and didn’t see the amazing 4th quarter and Aaron’s surgical drive. But I did see Trey Lance walk in a TD to end the half for a nice 5 unit gain. Also, very nice seeing Kittle get back to his usual self and hitting his receiving over prop. Too bad Davante only had 1 TD. I took 3 2-TD props this week and all players scored 1 TD. Pain again. But Trey did save the day.  2-1 up 5 units. 

+1.5 on the week is not great but it is positive. We are currently sitting at 11-23 down about 7 and change units. TIME TO BOUNCE BACK!

Let get into Thursday Night Football

I have no idea what is going to happen. The Jags stink (could be worse than the Jets) and the Bengals just beat the Steelers? I’m assuming the public is all over the Bengals and the under here but too lazy to use google and fact check myself. So fuck it – lets take the points with the Jags and the over. Now let’s get into the fun stuff. Who is scoring a TD? Or 2? Burrow loves Ja’marr but can he find the endzone twice tonight? Yes, he can. I don’t love +550 for that but it will happen. Ja’marr to have the most receiving yards in the game is plus money? Com on…gotta take that too. Gonna roll the dice on this one. Urban loves Carlos Hyde and I think he might steal some goal line touches from James Robinson. While we’re rolling the dice here, let’s throw a Hail Mary on 1st TD of the game. QBs seem to always love scoring a rushing TD to start a primetime game so we will be throwing a unit at Trevor Lawrence to start the week off strong. Let’s have a day!


Jags +7.5

Over 46

Ja’marr Chase 2 TDs +550

Most Receiving Yards in the Game: Ja’marr Chase +260

Carlos Hyde Anytime TD +440

Trevor Lawrence First TD +2000

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