Good Morning ladies and gents. Time for another beautiful Sunday with our great friend Scott Hanson. If anyone was wondering, I may be the worst sports capper in the game. 1-13 in my last 14 after going 0-7 during TNF. Wilson had to go break his finger 4 different ways and Djax pulled up short on a TD after burning Jamal Adams. Hey – can’t win ’em all and in this instance I can’t win more than one. If anyone was wondering, the worst sports capper in the game has a record of 12-36, down 20 units. I have never been more due. The worst part is I am in love with today’s card and might have 40 plays today… VOLUME SHOOTER

Let’s get into it: 

Packers at Bengals 

I hate this game. Why are the Bengals only getting 3. Truly makes no sense to me but the larrys in vegas know what they are doing. Everyone and their mothers are on the Packers today. Rodgers is back to his usual self and Bengals only beat the Jags by 3 last week. I mean we gotta pick the Packers here right? NO! Bengals ML…why you ask. I don’t know why but it is the pick!

Bengals ML +130

Ja’Marr Chase Anytime TD +165

Eagles at Panthers

The Panthers do not win games without CMC and the Eagles may be more due than me right now. They are coming off 3 straight losses to KC, DAL, and SF. 3 really good teams. Bounce back spot for the Eagles here. Sam Darnold will lean heavy on DJ Moore today but it won’t be enough for them. FLY EAGLES FLY

Picks: Eagles ML +140

D.J. Moore Anytime TD +120

Titans at Jaguars 

Urban has lost the locker room in 4 weeks. That’s gotta be a new record in the NFL. The Titans are coming off a bad loss to a very good football team…the NEW YORK JETS! Big bounce back spot for Tannehill and the Titans. The spread should be closer to 7 than 3 but again the larrys in vegas know what they are doing. Titans all day…blowout


Titans -4.5

AJ Brown Anytime TD: +140

Browns at Chargers

The Chargers are good and Baker is playing hurt. Can’t overthink this pick. Its gotta be the Chargers. The Chargers will pack the box and make Baker throw to win this game. Baker has 2 tds and 2 ints over 4 games. That is pretty bad! Chargers BIG!


Chargers -2.5

Mike Williams Anytime TD: +140

Giants at Cowboys

Wanna hear a wild stat. Small hands Danny Dimes has more passing yards than Dak through 4 games so far. Giants have a bunch of injuries and might get blown out here even though it is a divisional game. 7 is a lot of points but it’s not enough. Dak and the cowboys ROLL at home and will move to 4-1.

Picks: Cowboys -7

CD Lamb Anytime TD: +100

49ers at Cardinals 

I like Trey Lance but I watched some film last night and he did not look good during the 2nd half last week. His stats were inflated bc of a long TD throw and he truly is not ready for the speed in the NFL. I am sure he’ll have a good amount of rushing yards and a rushing TD but there is 0 chance he wins his first NFL start. 


Cardinals -5

Trey Lance Anytime TD: +170

We didn’t get to 40 plays but we do love the 12 above. Lets go 10-2 and get back in the winner circle ay? Also I recommend fading all of these!

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