Hello again friends, it’s that time once again. This week, Ross and I are joined by Nazim “The Wolf” Sadykhov ahead of his bout this sunday at FURY in Houston. Naz looks to improve his pro record to 4-1 against a more than game opponent in John Herrera, and lucky for you, he walked us through exactly how he’ll do it.

Before we get to that, Naz walked us through life as an Azeri-American and the path that led him to SerraLongo and life as a professional MMA fighter.

As always, thanks to Naz for the time and the entire team at LAW and SerraLongo for tolerating us and letting us tell their stories!

You can find the podcast on Apple, Spotify, Soundcloud, and Youtube as well as the video below. Make sure you give Naz a follow on the old instagram @Naz_MMA and of course you should already be following @thebookies_basement on instagram and twitter as well as myself and Ross.

One last thank you to the wolf, and make sure you remember the name because come sunday Nazim Sadykhov puts himself on the radar of fans and promoters alike.

Quick little sidebar here – this was our first interview with a member of the SerraLongo team since I’ve actually been getting my piece of shit self up off the couch and into the gym (fairly) regularly and boy does it make for a fascinating dynamic. It’s truly a privilege to get to watch and learn from some of the best fighters on the planet so close to home. Even if Ross being the Philly Scum that he is can’t be here in NY with us, we’re both eternally grateful to everyone over there. I’ve gotten to watch Naz put together this camp and grind his ass off in preparation for Sunday and I can confidently report: he’s ready.