Well well well, would you look at that. A very very solid Sunday for your boy. 8-4 +5.5 units. One could say I was due and that one (me) was correct.

Through Week 5, we stand at a still very bad 20-40 down 15 units.

Let recap last Sundays picks before we jump into TNF: 

Packers @ Bengals (1-1) +.65u

Kickers stink! Nuff said. Thank you Ja’Marr J.P Morgan Chase for scoring a TD and saving us the unit we lost because the Bengals kicker sucks (to angry to look up his name)

Eagles @ Panthers (1-1) +.4u

Ayy feels good to hit a little ML dog but D.J. Moore not crossing the goal line didn’t feel as good. Panthers do not win games without CMC. That is the model.

Titans @ Jags (1-1) +0.0u

A wash never hurts. We had Titans -4.5 but lost that unit because A.J. Brown was too busy playing patty cake with the Jags cornerbacks all day. Titans bounced back after getting embarrassed by the NY JETS!

Browns @ Chargers (2-0) +2.4

Would you look at that. A little 2-0 sweep for the backers. What a game this was. Herbert found Mike Will-Made-It twice but all we needed was one. 

Giants @ Cowboys (2-0) +2.0u

Uh ohhh…another sweep. CD Lamb is that dawg and the Giants ended up finishing the game with special teamers running routes. Injuries suck but a fully healthy Giants team still aint beating the ‘Boys.

49ers @ Cardinals (1-1) +0.0u

I still believe Trey Lance scored on that run. But that’s okay because we knew he wasn’t going to win his first NFL start. 

Now let’s have some fun!

Bucs travel north to take on the Eagles. Brady is 0-10 ATS in his last 10 primetime games. So Brady and the Bucs will be tied with 1:40 left on the clock, drive down and win the game with a field goal. Sounds about right. So that covers the spread for the game. Over Under sitting around 52…that’s a lot of points. But who cares, points points points. Now the real fun stuff…PROPS! Dallas G got the coco so it’s Ertz’s time to shine. Richard Sherman covering Devonta Smith, com on! AB84 to have a game, why not. Now the money makers: Antonio Brown and Jalen Hurts. One of you two will score the first TD of the game!


Eagles +7

Over 52.5

Zach Ertz Anytime TD: +220

Zach Ertz Over 43.5 Rec Yards: +100

DeVonta Smith 80+ Rec Yards: +116

Antonio Brown 80+ Rec Yards: +164

Antonio Brown 1st TD: +800

Jalen Hurts 1st TD: +1000

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