What a goddamn weekend folks. The SerraLongo squad went 6-1 this weekend and lucky for all of you, they are willing to discuss with an idiot like me!

That being said, today I’m joined by Justin “Kidd Marvelous” Montalvo following his vicious bodyshot TKO at Flex Fight Series on Saturday night. If for some silly reason you didn’t catch that fight, you can watch Kidd’s finish right here:

Shoutout to @aidanoutside for the phenomenal camera work. A natural born MMA media member if I have ever seen one. Aidan’s fantastic camerawork aside, if that little 4 piece head head body body combo doesn’t get you going then you are simply not a fan of this beautiful, stupid sport we all love.

Somebody call PETA because Kidd turned that poor soul’s liver into foie gras, heyo! I’ll be here all week folks. All jokes aside, Kidd turned in a poised and calculated performance on Saturday. He did a phenomenal job managing range with his footwork and jab and I’m not sure there was a single exchange where Kidd only threw one singular punch. It was punches in bunches and combos all night with a healthy dose of bodywork from the get go and as anyone who has been punched in the tummy knows, you can really only eat so many of those before your body says “nope, I’m good” and just shuts down on you exactly like his opponent’s did.

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Thanks as always to Kidd for his time and make sure you follow him on the gram @Kidd_Marvelous_ and add him on Xbox if you’re tryna do some gaming! My one regret is forgetting to ask where exactly the Kidd Marvelous moniker comes from because man that’s a good nickname. Lucky for me it sounds like there will be more content with Kidd and co. down the line so I’ll be sure to get to the bottom of it eventually.

If you made it this far, you’re a good man, a sailor even! And I appreciate you. Keep those eyes peeled for more content coming down the pipe!