Hello friends! It feels like it has been many, many moons since you all got to hear my nasally Jewish voice. But don’t fret, because I have the cure to what ails you right here! An interview with the undisputed and undeniable best unsigned flyweight prospect on planet Earth, Phumi Nkuta.

The last time we spoke to Phumi was almost a year ago now, and boy have things changed. He was gearing up for his first professional title shot against Alberto Trujillo and he hasn’t looked bach since. Phumi has won 12 consecutive championship rounds in impressive fashion and quickly established himself as a real deal blue chip prospect. On top of that, the man melts every microphone he touches and can cut a promo with the best of them. The total package some are saying! Now 5-0 as a pro, it feels like Phumi is knocking on the door of something BIG and based on what we’ve seen so far I truly believe the sky’s the limit for him for the SerraLongo Prospect/Funkmaster Protege.

Double on top of that, Phumi is an incredibly nice and happy dude who is beyond generous with his time and for that we in the basement will always be eternally grateful.

As always, you can find the podcast audio on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Soundcloud. You can find video below and on Youtube. If you’re not already, I would highly suggesting throwing the boys a subscription on YouTube and whatever podcast service you use. It’s tremendously helpful for us and boy, we are gonna make it worth your while. Ross may not have been able to join us today due to an alarm clock malfunction (that’s right brother you’re getting shamed on the blog), but we have some big things locked and loaded for all of you folks and 2022 is the year we take it to the next level.

As always, love and appreciate all of you and make sure you give Phumi a follow on twitter and instagram! You can also checkout our first interview with Phumi where we dive a little deeper into his background below.