Welcome one and all to the most anticipated combat sports awards show in history, the 2021 Mushy Awards. For you dear listener, we sat down and broke down our:

Best Debut

The Fight Circus Freak Fight of the Year

Sub of the Year

Knockout of the Year

Fighter of the Year

Funniest Fight of the Year

Robbery of the Year

Comeback of the Year

I’m not going to break a rib sucking my own dick or anything, but I’d say Ross and I did a great job mixing it up across multiple promotions and thinking a little outside the box without being massively contrarian dickheads. There’s a little something for everyone in here, from the pure UFC only MMA fan to the full on brain poisoned freak fight viewer like myself.

As always, you can find the full video below and on YouTube and frankly, I suggest watching this one if possible solely for the visual of a 50 year old Japanese ogre screaming in a Rizin ring as well as my pristine impression of said ogre screams. That paired with the funniest moment of silence in human history makes this one a must watch, and I am telling you you must subscribe to the YouTube so I can feed my family.

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Make sure to subscribe to the pod and the YouTube to ensure you never miss that sweet sweet content. Later this week we’ll have a full UFC 270 preview as well as an interview with Long Island’s finest, the SteamRolla Matt Frevola!