Well well well, looks who’s back. First blog since week 7 and yes, we are still down 16 units. Turns out that I’m not too good at this whole capping thing. BUT that is okay because a washed up old lax bro once told me, “Shoot to get hot, shoot to stay hot.” With that being the motto of this weekend’s blog…we are going big. We will end this NFL szn up units. The reader may ask, “Blogger Bannon, you are down 16 units with 7 games left, that is impossible.” And that I respond with…”WATCH ME” I have always dreamt about writing one of these blogs, parlaying every pick, and walking away Sunday night feeling like a king on the timeline. Is this weekend the weekend…probably not but shoot to get, shoot to stay hot…

Bengals @ Titans 

Vrabel is 8-0 ATS while having 8+ days of rests. Derrick Henry is back and projected to be 100%. Julio Jones and A.J. Brown are both playing. WHO CARES…BENGALS ML. #WHODEY. Jamar Chase might be the best wideout left in the playoffs. Joe Mixon is underrated, and Joe Burrow is that dude. Will this be a battle, it sure will but that means it’s coming down to the last drive. I need 55 yards for a go-ahead field goal to win a playoff game. I want Joe Burrow and Evan McPherson. McPherson at the buzzer to the send the Titans to the golf course. 

5u Bengals ML +160

1u Tyler Boyd ATTS +260

3u Jamar Chase O 5.5 Catches -150

3u Ryan Tannehill O 0.5 INT +105

1u Joe Burrow O 8.5 Rushing Yards -110

1u Total Field Goals Made O 3.5 +130

49ers @ Packers

Now this one is pretty confusing. If you think you love the Packers -6, the Pack are going to win by 3 or 4. If you think you love the 49ers +6, the Packers will win by 7. With all that being said it is Aaron Rodgers, in the Frozen Tundra, vs Jimmy G. Yes, Jimmy G has played in New England and is from Illinois but he’s a Cali boy at heart. So we covered that Jimmy G will not be having a good game because he will be too cold. The Packers play down to their opponents and have done so the whole year. Life is too short to take the under. Well, who ever came up with that saying is incorrect today…Under

2u Under 47.5 -110

1u Jimmy G U 235 Passing Yards -110 

3u Deboo O 35 Rushing Yards -110

2u Deboo ATTS -110

1u Aiyuk U 55 Recieiving Yards -110

2u Jimmy G O 0.5 INT –145

Rams @ Bucs

Matt Stafford vs Tom Brady. Say that 3 times Sunday morning and tell me you are still betting on the Rams. Well call me crazy. When Saban loses the Natty Brady doesn’t win a SuperBowl. Am I calling a Brady exit too soon…probably but value is value. Matt Stafford’s Hall of Fame jacket is riding on this game. When he takes down the GOAT, he will earn his way into Canton. Brady without a slot wideout who can get open is essentially Tom Brady in years he doesn’t win it all. Cam Akers looked like he had 99 speed last week and let me tell you…he’s about to have the best game of his career.

1u Rams ML +130

2u Cam Akers O 18.5 Rec. yards -110

3u Cam Akers 50.5  Rushing yards -110

3u Cam Akers ATTS +135

1 u Cam Akers 2 Touchdowns +750

Bills @ Chiefs

The Bills are a better team, they have a better defense, and can control the clock. With that all being said we are taking the Chiefs, right? Absolutely not. BILLS ML. Did the O.C. just accept a shitty job with the Giants to coach their terrible roster…he did. (Danny Dimes will retire this offszn, you heard it hear first). Back to the real stuff, the Bills will control this clock and make it a possession game. Sorry Big Cat, but this game screams under. Don’t worry you will still be 2-1 in your GOTYs. Fade the public and take the Bills with me ladies and gents.

3u Bills ML +130

3u U 54 -110

2u Josh Allen O 48 Rushing yards –110

1u Dawson Knox ATTS +180

1u Josh Allen ATTS +145

3u Travis Kelce ATTS -120


10u 10 Point TEASER: Bills +11.5, Rams +13, Bengals +13.5, 49ers +15.5 (+100)

1u ATTS Parlay: +2861

Travis Kelce 

Cam Akers 


Tyler Boyd

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