Good Moring BloggerBannon Backers, 

First off, I hope you are doing as well as me. Turns out I know you are because US, Blogger Bannon Backers, had ourselves a fantastic Divisional Weekend. We started super hot with winning 7.5 units when the Bengals beat the Titans. Rams held it together at the end to give Brady his last loss of his career*(Brady will take a year to become a scratch golfer and then come back to the NFL). 49ers blocked a punt to hand A…Aron his last loss as a Packer* (Adams and Rogers will be getting high in Mile High next year) And then we all know what happened in KC. 13 seconds…McDermott is a defensive HC?? Bill’s should have fired him and left him there. Whatever, we are over it. You may ask, how? Well, that is because the BBB’s went up 15 units last weekend. 

And would you look at that… +0.0 Units with an ugly record of (35-55). Time to end the year positive!

Bengals at Chiefs 

Mahomes will not lose to Joey B two times in a row. I see points but don’t see the Bengals keeping up with the Chiefs. Huge Kelce game! Bengals will double Tyreek and leave Kelce 1 on 1 enough times for him to have over 100 yards. Chiefs D is healthy and Chris Jones should eat. Chiefs…BIG 

1u Over 54.5

2u Chiefs -13.5 +170

2u Kelce First TD +600

1u Kelce 2 TDs +380

2u Kelce O 100 rec yards +200

49ers at Rams

There will be more 49ers fans than Rams fans. The niners are 6-0 in their last six meetings vs the Rams. San Francisco 49ers ML?…Nope. The Rams went all in for a reason. Von Miller and OBJ will both have huge impacts on this game. Matt Stafford will beat Jimmy G in his last start as a 9er. 

1u Rams -6.5 +140

1u OBJ First TD +800

2u OBJ ATTS +140

1u OBJ Over 100 rec yards +400

3u Von Mller O .5 Sacks -110


1u Kelce SB MVP +2000

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