I don’t speak lightly when I say this take is currently taking the internet by storm. On paper it seems easy, but I wanted to dig into this a bit and give the actual facts for the audience to make their own decision. Without further ado, lets get into the conversation :


In the RED CORNER we have the Gorilla. Now, with these two species we have to breakdown what “type” of animal that we’re going to use in battle. For the Gorilla I went with Eastern Lowland Gorilla weighing in at approximately 300-400 lbs (We’ll use 350 in this example) and a height between 4-6 ft tall (again, we’ll use 5ft for this). These gorillas are herbivores, known mostly to eat roots, leaves, and the occasional small animal. They run in packs from just only 2 to 50 with the leader known as the Silverback. We have a reach of 44 inches which is crazy due them only being 5 feet tall, their wingspan can get up to 8 feet! Another anatomy feature that I got from (citation below) is:

“Their body shape is robust. The belly area is bigger than the chest, and an elongated head up is due to a prominent sagittal crest. Above their eyes, there is a noticeable brow ridge, and they have small ears on both sides of their head. Around the nose, there are a few wrinkles unique to each gorilla, a fact used by scientists to quickly identify them in the wild.”

Overall, this animal has some pros and cons with their features. Very strong, capable of damage, however, non-aggressive in nature. UFC Comparison would be Rampage Jackson.

In the BLUE CORNER we have the Boar. With this species, we have a lot more to pick from. I went ahead and chose the Giant Forest Hog as it’s considered the most dangerous, just as the Gorilla species I chose above. Weighing in at a whopping 300-600 lbs (using 450 for this) and a height of 3-4ft tall (3.5 for us). They are also surprisingly herbivores as well, but are extremely aggressive. Also they travel in packs of 20 or so, and are found in Africa. I looked up to see if we had any fights available online, but none came up unfortunately. These hogs have extremely tough necks, with it almost being as big as it’s body itself. Also, the big advantage I see here for the Hog is the tusks, these babies have tusks that reach an average of 14 inches that are sharp with an upward curve on males. This animal is incredibly aggressive and known to attack without provocation.

The pros and cons for the Hog are pros: very aggressive, uses its tusks effectively, however, the gorilla has a very clear height and weight advantage over the hog. UFC Comparison is Dan Henderson.

Alright, so overall we have…


Height : 5ft

Weight : 350 lbs

Reach : 44 Inches



Height : 3.5 ft

Weight : 450 lbs

Reach : N/A

As you can see, as stated above, gorilla has a foot height advantage, and a dominant reach. Hog wins in weight by being 100lbs heavier on average. In conclusion, in a 3 round Heavyweight fight I see it going as such. While the gorilla does have a height advantage, he won’t be standing up on this fight, but in his more natural state on his knuckles leveling out the height differential. The pig will only win if it gets in close on the gorilla as it’s main attack is attacking with his tusks, however, if the gorilla can maintain distance it can shove the pig, try to pick it up, however, it’s bites will be ineffective due to the muscle and tightness in the hogs neck and back. More or less, this fight is going to end in a trilogy, (think McGregor v Diaz) with THE PIG WINNING 2-1 overall.

Overall, I learned a lot about both species and have a much greater respect for these animals altogether, was a very interesting thing to research and a TON of material I did not expect to find on the internet regarding the both of them.