Fresh off the heels of XMMA 5outhern Heat in Columbia, South Carolina, I’m joined by XMMA Matchmaker Jordan Dyckler for a fascinating and very fun interview. Before we begin, I’ll leave you with the highlights/my favorites from my night covering XMMA:

You can find my full coverage @thebookies_basement. Now that’s enough of that, let’s talk some XMMA. An upstart promotion with a knack for booking big names, XMMA first caught my attention in January of 2021 when I saw they were putting on fights completely free on their Youtube. As a person with severe combat sports related mental illness, I’ll never turn down some free fights and I was surprised to see their first show was being headlined by James Vick and a little known prospect who has since established himself as a fringe ranked UFC Welterweight named Andre Fiahlo. This was Vick’s first fight since departing from the UFC and seeing as his chin seemed to be failing him a bit, I took a flier on Fiahlo at +260. A new MMA promotion with household names that I could also gamble on? I was all in.

Since then, I’ve been able to enjoy the 4 XMMA shows prior to the event I was able to cover live. All on YouTube, and all still for free! I know I’m pretty quick to endorse anyone who gives me the time of day (it’s a character flaw I know), I genuinely believe this promotion is going somewhere because of people like Jordan, who was kind enough to join me today and is responsible for at least some of that success from behind the scenes.

You can find the interview on YouTube below, as well as on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Soundcloud.

As always, a big thank you to Jordan for his time. Make sure you follow XMMA @XMMA.TV on Instagram and subscribe to their YouTube.