Ladies and Gents…WE ARE BACK!

We all get the privilege of watching an NFL game today that actually means something. The preseason is over, cuts have been made, and we are just a couple of hours away from Bills @ Rams. Before we get into the first TNF game of the year, lets recap last year’s numbers and this year’s futures. 

Last year was a wild ride. We entered SB Sunday down 11u but boy did we come back in style. Joe Mixon throwing a TD in the Superbowl saved my season…what a sentence…The BloggerBannon Backers ended the 2021 NFL season with an ugly record of 45-71 but in total, we were up 5.5 units. So, if your unit size is a million dollars…I just made you $5.5 million richer…you’re welcome!


We got a couple of end of the season awards to touch on but my favorite future is an 8 team parlay that lays out all the teams who will win their division. 

1u: Bills, Bengals, Colts, Chargers, Eagles, Vikings, Bucs, Rams +60792

MVP: 1u Lamar Jackson (20/1), 1u Kirk Cousins (40/1)

COPY: 1u Joe Flacco (100/1)

OROY: 1u Isiah Likely (60/1)

Lets get weird…Superbowl Predictions 

1u Chargers beat Rams (85/1)

1u Chargers beat Vikings (240/1)

TNF: Bills @ Rams

Now the real stuff. Line sits at Bills -2.5 right now and I smell a rat. First game of the year and I am already seeing the board very clearly. Other cappers watch out! However, we are going to buy the point and be smart. Rams +3.5 might be the safest bet on the board tonight. As we all know, just picking the side is boring so why not throw a bunch of darts on some props. Here we go…

1.5u: Rams +3.5 -150

1.1u: Over 52.5 -110

2u: Kupp Over 99.5 Rec yards +116 

1u: Diggs Over 79.5 Rec yards +146 

1.1u: Akers Over 13.5 Rec yards -110

1u: Akers Over 49.5 Rush yards +124 

1u: Allen Over 299.5 Pass yards +154

3u: Kupp ATTS -150

1u: Diggs 2 TDs +750

1u: First TD Darrell Henderson +1600

1u: First TD Isaiah McKenzie +2200

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