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Ranking The Worst Places To Poop – Pani

All timer right here. Way to dump your heart and soul in this one.

Best Places To Take A DeuceThe Poz

Way to flush out Pani’s blog.

Power Ranking Bell PeppersBarnes

This one made me re-think everything I know.

Denver O/U 7.5 Wins: If You Take The Over You’re On CrackThe Hammer


The All-Time Best Performances Under AdversityStevie J

This is fantastic.

Casting The 2018 Eagles Super Bowl Movie – Pani

Go. Birds.

Ranking The 10 Worst Entourage CharactersOwen

Owen’s always been a tank.

Is It Good That My Girlfriend Says I Look Like Adam Sandler?Pani

I believe so, yes.

The Definitive White Claw Flavor Ranking – Jake

I disagree with everything in here. Still good journalism.

Would You Give Up Summer For Football?Unk

Yes. 10000%

The Top 10 Standoffs Of All TimeStevie J

Another JZ masterpiece.

It’s Time We Use Our Most Powerful WeaponHarry Mac

A weapon.

Neanderthal Brain – Harry Mac

This one is sticky.

The Curious Case of Tyree Jackson – Harry Mac

This is journalism.

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