Nazim Sadykhov Joins The Reverse Mush Podcast

Hello again friends, it’s that time once again. This week, Ross and I are joined by Nazim “The Wolf” Sadykhov ahead of his bout this sunday at FURY in Houston. Naz looks to improve his pro record to 4-1 against a more than game opponent in John Herrera, and lucky for you, he walked us […]

Week 5 Recap, TNF Picks and Props

Well well well, would you look at that. A very very solid Sunday for your boy. 8-4 +5.5 units. One could say I was due and that one (me) was correct. Through Week 5, we stand at a still very bad 20-40 down 15 units. Let recap last Sundays picks before we jump into TNF:  Packers @ […]

NFL Week 5 Picks and Props

Good Morning ladies and gents. Time for another beautiful Sunday with our great friend Scott Hanson. If anyone was wondering, I may be the worst sports capper in the game. 1-13 in my last 14 after going 0-7 during TNF. Wilson had to go break his finger 4 different ways and Djax pulled up short […]

Let’s Go Racin: Playoffs?!?

Been a while, my friends, but we are back on track this weekend with F1’s Turkish Grand Prix and NASCAR turning left and right at the Charlotte Roval. Both tracks have seen some wild finishes for races in the past few years and are some of my favorites in the world of racing.  As always, […]

Holding Myself Accountable: MLB Edition

Well, that was the most painful baseball season on a personal level that I’ve had in quite some time, so get ready for a quick vent session. The Nats were teetering on the edge of being competitive right up until about two weeks before the trade deadline, so of course the cheapest owner in sports […]

TNF Picks and Props

After a week off…we still stink. I tweeted out my card Sunday am that included 7 anytime TDs on my way to the golf course. Only one of the clowns crossed the endzone and I shot 93. Bad day all around! Wasn’t able to watch any of the 1 and 4 pm games so it’s […]

Week 3 Recap and TNF Picks and Props

Ladies and Gents…that is what we like to call a positive week. First of many! We went into Week 3 down about 8 units and lost another one during the Texans Panthers game on TNF. But we had a pretty solid Sunday thanks to a couple of anytime TDs from Trey Lance, Mecole Hardman, and […]

TNF Recap, Sunday Picks and Props and a CRAZY Future

Well well well. First off, you never wanna see anyone go down with an injury and if you do, I bet you hate dogs. CMC tweaked his hammy while trying to highstep/ juke a defender and it was all downhill from there. 0-2 on both his receiving and rushing props. We all knew DJ Moore was […]

Big Tuna Ben Parrish Joins [half] The Reverse Mush Podcast

Fresh off a monster knockout that took him only 38 seconds this past weekend at Bellator 266, Big Tuna Ben Parrish joins me for an awesome discussion about fighting, life, and everything in between. Unfortunately, Ross was again stopped in the second round by mother nature after she knocked him (and the electricity in his […]

NFL Week 2 Recap, TNF Picks and Props

How about that start ladies and gentlemen! Starting off in the hole builds character. Only up from here. If I had a winning record during week 2 you, the reader, would be skeptical!  Last Thursday night we trusted Heinicke and thought he was going to lead us to comfortable cover. Uhhh Whoops. Even though he hugged […]

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