Cigars Stink

Cigars are an international sign of class. They’re for golfers, rich men with great lawns, and Mike Ditka. A cigar is to gentleman as a cigarette is to a vagabond. Yet, I still don’t like them. I want to enjoy them, I really do. When the men of my family huddle up in the garage […]

What It’s Like Being a Relatively Good Looking Man in the South

I recently moved to the bustling city of Nashville, Tennessee – famous for country music, being one of the last semi-lawless places in America, and binge drinking that would make any Irishman either sick to the stomach or proud beyond belief. Despite the pandemic, I’ve been having a grand old time down here – I’ve […]

Stephen Ross, the Miami Dolphins Owner, is an Absolute Shark

Last night during the Raiders/Saints MNF game, a game that unveiled the Las Vegas Raiders new stadium, Steve Levy gave us the info that changed my mind about the landscape of the NFL owners forever. All of these NFL owners are killers in the business world. You don’t become a billionaire by following a playbook […]

Barney Brit Fade Board Week 2: September 19th-21st

The EPL is free morning money. It’s free money before college football on Saturday, and it’s especially free money on a NFL Sunday. EPL soccer is a beak-wetter, plain and simple. Last week was a .500 week for the kid, and in my mind, going even is just as good as going up money. Sometimes […]


Harry and Ross are joined by Serra BJJ Black Belt and Bellator fighter John “The Manimal” Beneduce before giving out some good old fashioned winners and inventing a new bet Intro 0-2:45John Beneduce 2:45-60UFC Vegas 11 Winners 1-1:40 Author Recent Posts Mookie BetsI’m addicted juul’ing and gambling. sue me. Twitter: @TheMookieBets Latest posts by Mookie […]

Bring Back the Vertical Bar Facemask

I fell in love with this Twitter thread from Barstool Carl about the single bar that old-school NFL kickers used to wear. Does that not tickle your fancy a bit? If it doesn’t, this will; The Vertical Facemask, and I ain’t talking about covid masks I totally understand that these types of facemasks have been […]

If NFL Divisions were Beers

Few things in this world fit better together than beer and football. As a matter of fact, that might be the greatest duo of all-time. But how do the NFL Divisions match-up with the many beers and beverages the world has to offer? AFC North: Guinness I don’t think Guinness does this division enough justice, […]

Premmy is Back, Fade Board is Back, Life is Good

Barney Bundesliga has been retired, but like the Phoenix, I have risen anew as Barney Brit. The Fade Board is now an EPL based board. The EPL is awesome cause you place your bets the night before, and boom ya wake up with 20 minutes left in the game. That last 20 minutes is also […]

Early Fades/Follows via Offensive Line ATS Trend

With the NFL season around the corner, I know I myself am, and probably whoever is reading this is foaming out the mouth at the thought of waking up Sunday morning hungover and betting the entire board. So, with that in mind, I thought it would be interesting to dive into some betting trends to […]

Are the Miami Marlins….back?

I’d first like to start this article by stating a theory that I’ve had for the past couple years. If Jose Fernandez never passed away, the Marlins would’ve been legit contenders over these last few seasons. I mean, think about it. The Marlins were hovering around .500 when the Fernandez tragedy took place, and had […]

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