Saint Joe’s Prep is Pumping Out NFL Talent

Bad things happen in Philly but great things are happening on the football field at Saint Joe’s Preparatory School in Philadelphia. “The Prep” is not only a PA State football powerhouse, but it’s starting to become a nationally recognized breeding ground for college and NFL talent. Just last year 3 Prep alumni were selected in […]

Barney World Tour Big Board: BBCP Sunday, January 24th

To the big boy clubs that have dropped the ball and cost the Boardy’s potential future generational wealth, frick you. We are doubling down with not one, but two BBCP’s for the people on the lords day. First bbcp is a true world tour edition. Jacksonville Jaguars DE Doug Costin has guaranteed this will hit. […]

Barney World Tour Big Board: Saturday, January 23rd

Not trying to make your eyes bleed with word vomit today so we’ll keep it quick. Back. To. Basics. Big boy bbcp today. I’m talking 5 teams at +560 value. Uhh is that good ? They call that low risk high yield in the biz, pal . Bundle up Aston Villa, Inter Milan, Roma, Leipzig, […]

Bring Back the Miller Lite Vortex Bottle

Throughout the NFL playoffs we’ve been shown re-airs of old beer commercials that are down right hilarious. Truly a genius idea to bring back beer nostalgia to smack us in the face. But ya know what hasn’t been brought back yet ? The Miller Lite Vortex bottle. I’d start wars to be able to crank […]

Barney World Tour Big Board: Thursday, January 21st

I’m at work right now and wasn’t going to a Big Board, but then I remembered who I am. I’m the same guy who lives off midweek/midday soccer. I looked myself in the mirror and said “you have to get a board out”. And here it is; The Board. BBCP has been red hot. It […]

The American Express Preview and Predictions

The Hawaiian swing has officially concluded as the PGA tour ends its tropical vacation and heads out to California for The American Express open. In the past, this tournament was a Pro-Am event but for the 2021 season, the rules will be a little different. Instead of the usual 54 hole cut over a 3-day […]

Barney Big Board: Heat Check Wednesday, January 20th

3-1 in the past two Big Boards, and 2-0 in the last two BBCP’s. Here’s a hint for soccer, bet on the teams you’d recognize if you saw them scrolling while playing playing FIFA. Sometimes with soccer you just have to blindly put your faith in the big clubs, and there’s no shame in that. […]

Barney Big Board: Tuesday, January 19th

Despite it being only a 1-pick board yesterday, it was perfect. We start slow and then we build it up til we are back to the glory days of the Big Board. Upping the ante a tiny bit today with a two-play big board. Let’s be perfect today fellas. Starting off today’s board the same […]

Barney Big Board: Monday, January 18th

Fellas and lady fellas, I have to shorten the picks on the Big Board. I know it’s a travesty, but things have been BAD for the Boardies as of late and I can’t have that. I want the Boardies to be able to send their kids to private school with my picks, not force them […]

Next Man Up: Replacing Justin Fields

I miss college football more than I miss Starbucks when I brew my own coffee at home because I have the occasional realization that I still have to pay back my student loans and shouldn’t be copping $5 cold brews. Tragic. So, in order to fill the hole in my heart, I will be coming […]

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